Austnam Joint Stock Corporation



3rd Floor, CT4 Vimeco Building, Nguyen Chanh, Street

Cau Giay District, Hanoi VIETNAM

Telephone: (84) 4 3869 1579
Facsimile: (84) 4 3869 1632



Austnam produces metal roofing and cladding from its factory in Hanoi which it distributes in that city and surrounding provinces. Austnam is one of a limited number of foreign invested enterprises which has been converted into a joint stock corporation.


VII acquired the company in 1997 when it acquired all of the issued capital of Parnham Overseas Ltd (“POL”) through a wholly owned subsidiary, Ausviet Industrial Investments (S) Pte Ltd.


Austnam Joint Stock Corporation was originally established as a joint venture enterprise in Vietnam with the Investment Licence issued on 27 April 1992.


In 2002, VII reduced its share of current year profits to 68 per cent. Then, in 2005, Austnam was converted to a shareholding company under a pilot scheme to allow a limited number of foreign enterprises to convert into joint stock companies. With the conversion to a joint stock company, VII has an interest of 67% in Austnam and that the Investment Licence no longer has a fixed term.


Further detail on the company's operations can be found in the VII Annual Reports and ASX Announcements pages.

Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited



PO Box 2053

Subiaco WA 6904

Postal Address: PO BOX 2053
Subiaco WA 6904
Telephone: +61 400 207 056

Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited is a Perth, Western Australian based, publicly listed Company with investments in Vietnam, and commercial operations in two steel rolling mills in Hai Phong, steel roofing factory in Hanoi and supplying engineering/construction services in Vietnam.