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Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited is based in Perth, Western Australia and publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: VII). The primary activities of the Company are investments in Vietnam, the commercial operations at its two steel rolling mills in Hai Phong, steel roofing factory in Hanoi, and supplying engineering/construction services in Vietnam.


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Feb182022Commissioning Of Furnaces Feb 22
Oct282021ASX Removal from Official List
Sep10202110 September 21 Covid 19 And Accounts Update
Aug052021August 21 Covid 19 And Company Update
May172021Half Yearly Accounts and Appendix 4D
Feb232021Delay Of 2020 Annual Results Appendix 4E
Dec072020VII 2019 AGM Results
Dec042020Chairmans Address 2019 AGM
Nov1720202019 Appendix 4G Corporate Governance
Nov032020Notice of AGM 2019
Nov022020VII Appendix 4E
Nov022020Annual Report 2019
Aug282020Delay In Appendix 4D
Jun052020Change Of Registered Office Subiaco
May262020Initial Director's Interest Notice - H Thong
May212020Director Appointment/Resignation
May202020Final Directors Interest Notices (Appendix 3Z)
May202020Directors and Company Secretary Resignations
Apr022020Whistleblower Policy
Feb282020Voluntary Suspension Update
Feb192020Final Director's Interest Notice
Feb192020Non-Executive Director Resignation
Feb072020Voluntary Suspension Extension
Jan202020Change Of Share Registry
Dec202019Voluntary Suspension Extension
Nov252019Voluntary Suspension Extension
Oct282019Voluntary Suspension Extension
Sep272019Voluntary Suspension Extension
Sep262019Sale of subsidiary Total Building Systems Ltd
Sep162019Suspension From Official Quotation
Sep162019Pause In Trading
Aug302019Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2019
May312019NTC Supply Arrangement Rolling Mill Commissioned
May292019Results of Meeting held 29 May 2019
Apr122019Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Apr112019Response To ASX Query
Mar292019Appendix 4G and 2018 Corporate Governance Statement
Mar292019Annual Report to shareholders 2018
Mar052019Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Mar012019Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Feb282019Preliminary Final Report
Feb112019Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Jan292019Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Jan232019Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Jan072019Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Dec212018Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Dec182018Appendix 4G Corporate Governance
Nov142018Supply Arrangement Progress Update
Oct162018Change of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Oct152018Changes of Director's Interest Notice - H Lam
Sep252018Response To ASX Query
Aug312018Half Yearly Report and Accounts Update 2018
Aug312018Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2018
May302018Update - Dividend/Distribution - VII
May252018Dividend/Distribution - VII
May252018Results of Meeting
Apr132018Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar292018Appendix 4G and 2017 Corporate Governance Statement
Mar292018Annual Report 2017 to shareholders
Feb262018Proposed Acquisition of VII Shares by Corbyns
Feb232018Preliminary Final Report 2017
Feb162018Supply Arrangement
Nov032017VII Share Sale Facility for Unmarketable Holdings
Aug292017Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2017
May262017Results of Meeting held 26 May 2017
Apr132017Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar292017Appendix 4G and 2016 Corporate Governance Statement
Mar292017Annual Report to Shareholders 2016
Feb272017Preliminary Final Report 2016
Jan172017Initial Director's Interest Notice
Jan172017Appointment of Director
Sep022016Dividend Distribution VII
Aug292016Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2016
May302016VII Constitution
May272016Results of Meeting held 27 May 2016
Apr202016Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar302016Appendix 4G and 2015 Corporate Governance Statement
Mar302016Annual Report to Shareholders 2015
Mar102016Amended Security Trading Policy
Feb292016Preliminary Final Report 2015
Jan192016Initial Director's Interest Notice
Jan192016Appointment of Director
Aug282015Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2015
May212015Results of Meeting held 21 May 2015
Apr172015Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar312015Annual Report to Shareholders 2014
Mar232015Company Update
Mar232015Company Update Resignation of Mr Young
Mar232015Reconciliation of Appendix 4E and Annual Report 2014
Feb272015Preliminary Final Report 2014
Aug282014Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2014
May192014Results of Meeting held 19 May 2014
Apr282014Termination of Scheme Implementation Agreement
Apr222014Annual Report 2013 Signed Copy
Apr172014Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar312014Annual Report to Shareholders 2013
Feb272014Preliminary Final Report
Dec192013Scheme Booklet
Dec192013Federal Court Confirms Scheme Meeting Date
Nov292013Scheme Implementation Agreement
Nov292013Internal Restructure of the VII Group
Aug292013Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2013
May232013Results of Meeting held 23 May 2013
Apr042013Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar272013Annual Report to Shareholders 2012
Feb222013Preliminary Final Report
Feb222013Final Director's Interest Notice
Feb222013Resignation of Chairman
Oct112012Change of Contact Numbers
Aug292012Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2012
Jun272012One Off Special Dividend
May252012Results of Meeting held 25 May 2012
May242012Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder
Apr162012Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar302012Annual Report to Shareholders 2011
Jan052012Initial Director's Interest Notice
Jan032012Final Director's Interest Notice
Jan032012Director Appointment
Oct052011Change of Registered Office Address
Oct042011Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2011
Aug312011Suspension From Official Quotation
May232011Results of Meeting held 23 May 2011
Apr202011Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar312011Annual Report 2010
Feb282011Preliminary Final Report 2010
Jan142011Expected Group Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2010
Aug302010Half Yearly Report and Accounts 2010
Aug262010Preliminary Half Year Group Result
Jun252010Director Resignation and Final Director's Interest Notice
May282010Results of Meeting held 26 May 2010
May282010Vinausteel Dividend and First Quarter Group Result
Apr222010Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
Mar312010Annual Report 2009
Feb262010Preliminary Final Report 2009
Feb272009Preliminary Final Report 2008
Mar032008Preliminary Final Report
Jan292008Offer Document
Nov1820202019 Vii Appendix 4g Final
Nov032020Asx Announcement August 2020 Delay In Appendix 4d

Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited



PO Box 2053

Subiaco WA 6904

Postal Address: PO BOX 2053
Subiaco WA 6904
Telephone: +61 400 207 056
Email: VII.inquiries@outlook.com
Website: www.vii.net.au

Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited is a Perth, Western Australian based, publicly listed Company with investments in Vietnam, and commercial operations in two steel rolling mills in Hai Phong, steel roofing factory in Hanoi and supplying engineering/construction services in Vietnam.