Company Profile


Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited is a company limited by shares incorporated in Australia whose shares are publicly traded on the Australian Securities Exchange and which was formed  to invest in the emerging market of Vietnam.


Issued Capital: 142,277,423 ordinary fully paid shares.
ASX code: VII



Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited has subsidiaries in Vietnam, all in the steel construction materials sector. Further information may be obtained by clicking on the logo's below.




Austnam Joint Stock Corporation

67% Shareholding

Manufactures cold rolled steel roofing and wall cladding materials from its factory in Hanoi.




Vinausteel Limited

70% Shareholding

Manufactures steel wire rod steel reinforcing bar from its rolling mill in Haiphong





100% Shareholding

Manufactures steel wire rod and steel reinforcing bar from its rolling mill in Haiphong.









Mr Roger (Sing-Leong) Kwok

  Independent Non-Executive Director, Chairman
Mr Van Hung Lam   Managing Director (Chief Executive Officer)
Mr Alan Alexander Young   Non-Executive Director
Mr Andrew David Walker   Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Jonathan Heath Stuart Murray   Independent Non-Executive Director

Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited


Location: Level 24 Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace PERTH Western Australia 6000
Postal Address: PO BOX Z5343
Telephone: (618) 6141 3244
Facsimile: (618)  6141 3101

Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited is a Perth, Western Australian based, publicly listed Company with investments in Vietnam, and commercial operations in two steel rolling mills in Hai Phong, steel roofing factory in Hanoi and supplying engineering/construction services in Vietnam.